Note: This is an integration guide for Shopify stores that have the Littledata app and ReCharge app installed. The following steps will let you connect the apps together and activate the integration.

Step 1. Go to the Connections tab in the Littledata app and hit CONNECT on the ReCharge widget:

Step 2.  You will see a screen showing the advantages of the ReCharge Littledata integration. Hit Next.

Step 3. Enable the Littledata integration from your Shopify store admin by clicking GET:

Step 4.  Next, change the Google Analytics integration ID in Shopify admin:

Step 5. Add a new view for recurring payments:

A) By choosing the RECOMMENDED option - a new view for recurring payments will be created in Google Analytics; Littledata automatically applies a filter to all the other views to exclude recurring payments. 

If the Recommended path was followed, the integration is now complete. Continue reading below if you chose the Custom route.

B) By choosing the CUSTOM option, you will need to manually apply the filters to your Google Analytics views by following the steps detailed on the “Custom filter setup” screen:

Great Job!  You've completed the basic setup for integrating Littledata with ReCharge. Our app can now start collecting accurate data about your marketing campaigns, subscription plans and recurring payments.

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