What do I get with the ReCharge integration

  • Get end-to-end Google Analytics tracking for the subscriber journey
  • Attribute subscription revenue to marketing campaigns
  • Segment performance by payment source, subscription plan type and product category

How does this improve on Shopify’s native reporting?

  • Fix your ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics with Littledata’s audit feature
  • Revenue optimisation tools, including benchmarks against top subscription-based businesses, LTV analytics and automated reporting on the ReCharge checkout funnel
  • Marketing optimisation tools, Facebook Ads integration and automated reporting on marketing channels and social media campaigns

Can’t I just use ReCharge’s basic GA integration?

  • As the name states, it's just a basic integration, which means your data collection will be limited and have low sales attribution. Littledata offers detailed data collection and complete reporting.

Can I still access my data in GA?

  • Yes, the Littledata tracker sends data your original GA property and you can use all the tools for reporting.  Tracking works the same, data goes to the same place you just get a more complete picture of the user journey.

How do I know if the integration is working?

  • We have a guide for you to use to make sure that the integration is working here.

My ReCharge checkout is on a different domain to my store - can you still track this?

  • The integration allows the script to work across different URLs by using the GA cross domain linker, picking up a cookie ID from your website which we can link with the order once it's purchased through ReCharge.

What sort of reporting is available in the Littledata app? 

  • We provide revenue optimisation tools like benchmarks .

Does Littledata create new Views or Custom Dimensions in GA?

  • Yes, Littledata does create new Views and adds Custom Dimensions. For a breakdown of what that looks like, here is a guide. 

Do you offer consulting or special setup for unusual store formats?

  • Yes, we have Google Analytics experts in-house who can help you with special setup and our script is flexible enough that we can work with it to fit custom store formats. 
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