For most Shopify stores, the Littledata – Google Analytics reporting app automatically adds our tracking script to your shop’s template. However, if your store has a custom template/layout, there will be some cases where our app isn’t able to do this automatically.

1. To edit the code go to Shopify Admin >  Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code. 

2. Copy the snippet. Even though our script has already been added to your store, it still needs to be inserted into each layout.

<!-- Start of Littledata - Fix Google Analytics Script-->
{% include 'LittledataLayer' %}
<!-- End of Littledata - Fix Google Analytics Script -->

3. Make sure you paste the snippet in every one of your store’s layouts, just above the </head> tag. In the example below, we’ll paste the snippet in row 75.

4. After you paste the code, click Save and repeat the steps above for each layout.

Note: You will need to make this change for each layout when you are installing our app, but also when you create another layout for a new campaign. Anytime you create a new layout, just follow the steps above to add the code snippet. 

You're all done! 

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