How GTM setup interacts with our default Shopify app Setup? 

  • Our apps work separately and are non-reliant on each other. One or the other isn’t impacted by installation of either GTM or the Littledata app. 
  • Littledata for Shopify is replacing the need of GTM tracking

Uses of GTM ( for particular marketing platforms) 

  • It’s a free tool that allows marketers to add and update website tags. 
  • It’s helpful when it comes to adding snippets of codes to your website.
  • Easy to use interface. 
  • GTM is used for multiple platforms - Bing, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.
  • They have a debug feature that allows you to test each implementation and update that you make.

Managed services we provide for GTM  setup and reporting. 

  • We have Google Analytics Consultants who specialize in Google Tag Manager setup. 
  • We implement different platforms on GTM and clean current setup.
  • Tracking via GTM will ease the creation of custom reports in Google Analytics. 
  • Some goal setups require GTM to track certain events on your website, our consultants help you set that up.
  • We can add scripts and data layers that will help the coding layer, instead of having hard coded scripts you can have GTM deploy the scripts. 
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