Note: This is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install the Littledata Shopify App.

1. On your Shopify store page, select apps on the left hand side. There you will see the Apps button. On the right hand side, select Visit Shopify App Store.

2. Type in Littledata into the search bar. 

3. Once you've typed it in click 'Get'  to begin the installation process.

4.  Install the app. 

5. Make sure to sign up using the account that has Google Analytics permission! Once you sign up and select the account, you can then click on 'Allow.'

6.  The next step would be to choose the best data source from the ones you have access to in Google Analytics. We recommend that you choose the one you use to analyse your data. 

7. After this you will be prompted to choose a plan based on the number of orders that your site has. This charge will start after your free 14 day trial. 

8.  Approve the charge.

 9.  You are on the app now!  This should be the first page that you see. 

10. Now you will the see the MERGE IN NEW DATA button. We recommend, for big traffic stores, to wait at least 3 days before you go live in order for enough data to be collected in the Google Analytics test view to compare them with your current tracking.

11.  When you click on 'GO LIVE'  you will be prompted to merge your data. To do this you will need to disable the Shopify tracker. Below are the steps to merge and make the switch! 

You're all set up now with accurate data tracking!  

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