Note: There are now three different ways to install the Littledata Shopify app. We'll highlight each of the three ways in this guide.

1. On your Shopify store page, select apps on the left hand side. There you will see the Apps button. On the right hand side, select Visit Shopify App Store.

2. Type in Littledata into the search bar. 

3. Once you've typed it in click 'Add app'  to begin the installation process.

4.  Install the app. 

5. Make sure to sign up using the account that has Google Analytics permission! Once you sign up and select the account, you can then click on 'Allow.'

6.  The next step would be to choose the best data source from the ones you have access to in Google Analytics. We recommend that you choose the one you use to analyse your data. 

After choosing the account, choose the install route you wish to take:

The Standard Install - This route will automatically add the snippet to your store and the Littledata tracker will start sending data to your main Google Analytics property. The steps within the installation will guide you - this flow is recommended for standard Shopify setups that do not have a custom layout or don't use Zendesk.

The Custom Install allows for two options.

An automated custom install: The Littledata script will be automatically inserted in your shop's code, but you will be given the option to create a test property (by choosing Wait and Test). A test property means that we create a separate Google Analytics property and the Littledata tracker will report there for 72 hours or until you decide to use the tracker on your original property. 

A manual custom install means that you will be prompted to manually insert the script onto your shop layouts* - here's a more detailed guide

*IMPORTANT: The manual custom install route is recommended in case you have a custom layout for your store or you are using Zendesk. This is also recommended for larger stores to test the data out. We highly recommend this is done by someone who is familiar with code/scripts. 

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