Littledata aggregates daily website and order data to give a snapshot of ecommerce trends by platform, country and device.

    Note: This endpoints require a bearer token granted by Littledata. Please contact us if you wish to experiment with it.


    The following can be passed as query parameters to the GET endpoints:

    • builtWith – a string specifying the platform or technology this query is covering, as identified by BuiltWith. Common examples are ShopifyMagento or Klaviyo.
    • startDate (optional) – a date string in YYYY-MM-DD format. Defaults to 8 days ago, and minimum startDate is 2020-01-01.
    • endDate (optional) – a date string in YYYY-MM-DD format. Defaults to 2 days ago, and maximum is 2 days ago (since it takes 24 hours for the data to fetch).


    A CSV file containing benchmarks for the requested date range, with the following column headers:

    • viewId (dimension) – an SHA-256 hash of the Google Analytics view ID, for deduplication (only available with daily-view-metrics-csv endpoint).
    • day (dimension) – a string for the 24 hours the data is from (e.g. “2020-12-01”)
    • country (dimension) – the country these user engagements came from
    • deviceCategory (dimension) – either mobiletablet, or desktop
    • currency (dimension) – the ISO currency field
    • sessions (metric) – # of web visits
    • users (metric) – # users
    • transactions (metric) – # orders
    • transactionRevenue (metric) – # order value in store currency
    • bounces (metric) – # of one-page sessions
    • pageviews (metric) – total page views
    • sessionDuration (metric) – total duration of web sessions in seconds
    • productDetailViews (metric) – total views of product details page
    • productAddsToCart (metric) – # of times a product is added to cart
    • productCheckouts (metrics) – # of times a user starts a checkout

    Curl example

    curl –request GET –location ‘’ –header ‘Authorization: Bearer REPLACE_TOKEN’ > ga.csv