How to disable Shopify's default Google Analytics tracking code

Updated on 2021-12-23

During Littledata's installation process, you will be prompted to disable Shopify's built-in Google Analytics tracker.

If our audit detects that the original Shopify tracking is still active, follow this guide to remove it.

  1. Go to your Shopify store admin and Online Store > Preferences.
  2. Click Change next to the 'Google Analytics Account'
  3. Delete the web property ID starting with UA-
  4. Make sure to hit Save at the top right corner of your screen once the UA is deleted

Keep in mind that this is a crucial step for the install: if you don’t delete the Google Analytics ID from the store preferences it will trigger double pageviews in GA. Our app will detect that the change has not been made and show the following error:

However, if you followed all the steps and still receive the error message, please make sure you check the following things:

  1. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for our app to recognize the changes you just made in Shopify - make sure to wait for a few seconds before clicking NEXT in the Littledata app.
  2. Make sure you don’t have any other scripts containing the same Google Analytics ID (starting UA) you’re trying to add to Littledata. This will create a conflict with our app and the aforementioned error will be triggered.
  3. Check if the Google Analytics ID is hardcoded in theme.liquidSearch theme.liquid

Once the ID is removed from the scripts as well as the store preferences field, you should be able to proceed with the install without further issues, and re-add the UA in the scripts once the install is finished.


Please make sure that Enhanced Ecommerce and pageviews that are sent through gtag are disabled, otherwise that will create a conflict with our tracking.