How to disable the Old Facebook Pixel

Updated on 2022-07-19

Your store may have a pixel ID stored in the old Facebook app in Shopify (before Shopify launched the Facebook Sales Channel) in addition to our Facebook Conversion API connection. This will interfere with your Littledata setup and duplicate some of the events, including transactions, and needs to be removed.

What is the old Pixel

Prior to releasing the new Facebook Sales Channel, Shopify had an input box for the Facebook Pixel ID under the Online Store preferences.

Shopify removed the input in the store preferences so the Pixel ID could no longer be removed -- but the Pixel would still be active on your website without any way to disable it. Fortunately, we’ve found a workaround to remove it.

The only way in which you can disable this old Pixel is by overriding it with a new sales channel, and we'll guide you through the process.

Find the old Pixel ID

The first step is to use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension which will show if one or more pixels are active on your store. Each Pixel ID will be displayed there and this warning will appear:

Developer tip: In the Chrome developer tools Inspect tab, go to Console tab and type trekkie. Expand config and Facebook Pixel, you will notice you have both Facebook Conversion API enabled (true) and the old Pixel ID under pixelIds.

Disable the old Pixel

We found that when you enable the new Facebook sales channel in Shopify the old Pixel gets removed.

The first step is to go to your Shopify store admin and go to Apps > Apps and Sales Channels Settings. You should be able to see the Facebook App. Click on the arrow to Open Sales Channel:

You will be then prompted to this page where you have to scroll down a bit and look for Facebook marketing > click on the Start setup button:

Before we continue to the next step, you need to make sure that you have a Facebook Ads account in place with another active Pixel which will be used to override the existing Facebook Pixel.

We will skip the detailed steps for the Facebook sales channel but make sure that after you connected your page and the Business Manager you click on Finish Setup - the new Pixel is all set.

Since you now have two Facebook Pixels active, two page views will be fired (this can be checked as above, using the Facebook Pixel Helper).

Now, we are going to reverse this process to remove the Facebook sales channel pixel.

You have to access the Settings page of the Facebook sales channel and disconnect them one by one starting with the Pixel, Business Manager and the Page.

Go to Data sharing settings > if you scroll down you'll see the Pixel ID there > click Disconnect.

  1. Go to Marketing Settings > click on the Disconnect button next to the Ads account:

    And now go to Accounts and disconnect one by one the Facebook Page / Business Manager and Facebook Account (If you disconnect the Facebook Page first, that will automatically disable the Facebook Page and the Business manager).


    Finally, you are left without the old Pixel ID, without the Facebook sales channel and only with Littledata's Facebook Conversions API destination sending events to Facebook Ads.