Refersion integration

Updated on 2021-12-30

Littledata integrates automatically with Refersion to track affiliate marketing for ecommerce.

In the Refersion dashboard you can see the orders linked to affiliate links or voucher codes, and with Littledata’s Shopify to Google Analytics connection you can also see in Google Analytics how Refersion affiliates contribute to customer conversion.

How do I see the traffic and conversions in Google Analytics?

Refersion tags the affiliate links automatically with 'source' as refersion.

The campaign 'medium' depends on your configuration in Refersion. It could be:

  • affiliate
  • influencers
  • The affiliate ID (e.g. 12345)

You can see a comparable report to Refersion’s conversion tracking  under the Campaigns report.

Go to the Acquisition .. Campaigns .. All Campaigns report in GA. Switch the primary dimension above the table to be ‘Source’ and you should see ‘refersion’ in the list.

If you are seeing less than 200 users from Refersion, you may need to extend the time range to see ecommerce conversions on the right of the table.

You could also add this segment to view any report in GA, just for the traffic from Refersion.

Can I see sales split by affiliate?

Yes, Refersion may be set up to send the affiliate ID as the ‘campaign’ tag in GA, so click on 'refersion' in the All Campaigns report, and you’ll see all the different affiliates who brought you sales.

If Refersion is set up to send affiliate ID as the 'medium', go to Acquisition .. All traffic .. Source / Medium report.

How to see a multi-channel analysis for Refersion?

GA allows you to see how affiliate links contribute to conversion in a multi-channel analysis. For example, you may find affiliate links are a good source of new visitors but it also takes a Facebook retargeting campaigns to get them to convert.

Using the Model explorer feature in GA you can see how the affiliate channel drives sales when considering different attribution models.

You can find this report under Conversions .. Attribution .. Model Comparison Tool.


This will only work if Refersion is configured to send medium as affiliate .

Why do I need the Littledata connection?

Shopify’s built-in Google Analytics reporting has many issues with attributing sales to marketing campaigns in GA, especially if you are using a third-party checkout such as Recharge or Bold Cashier.

Littledata has built a better way to capture conversions in GA, and will help you track marketing effectiveness across other channels as well.


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