Gem Pages

Updated on 2021-12-30

To ensure that the Littledata script is loading on your Gem Pages landing pages, you’ll need to visit your Gem Pages Template settings section to check if “Header & footer” is turned OFF or ON.

If ON, then no action is required. Your landing pages use the same theme.liquid file, where the Littledata script has already been added.

If OFF, then follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Shopify Store Admin
  2. Go to the Online Store
  3. Go to Themes
  4. Go to Actions
  5. Click Edit code
  6. Search and open: theme.gem-layout-none.liquid
  7. Copy the code below
  8. Paste the code before the closing  tag and Save
<!-- Start of Littledata - Fix Google Analytics Script -->
{% include 'LittledataLayer' %}
<!-- End of Littledata - Fix Google Analytics Script -->