What happens when my website exceeds the Littledata pricing plan limits?

Updated on 2021-12-20

Usage of Littledata is tiered by order volume (over the last 30 days. If you go over the limit you need to upgrade to a higher plan for us to continue processing your data.

You can upgrade your pricing plan at any time in the top right corner of the Littledata app, or from the app Billing page. Choosing a new plan will cancel your existing plan and put you straight onto a higher tier.

If you miss the messages requesting you to upgrade, we will suspend the server-side tracked data. We will send at least four emails to all the emails on your account over 14 days before we suspend any collection. This is covered in clause 2 of our Terms.

Suspending the server-side data will result in:

  • No Add to cart / Remove from cart sent to Google Analytics (GA)
  • No Checkout steps (Contact information, Shipping information, Payment method) sent to GA
  • No Orders (including recurring) sent to GA
  • No Refunds sent to GA
  • No Littledata custom dimensions populated in GA
  • No user identifiers sent to GA

Unfortunately, this missing data cannot be restored once you extend payment, but it will be sent again from our app from that point in time onwards.