Recharge Uninstall Guide

Updated on 2022-02-03

If you have the Littledata Recharge connection enabled, follow the below steps to disable the connection and restore your original Recharge settings:

Step 1. In the Littledata app, go to the Connections tab, click View Details then click Disconnect on the Recharge connection:

Step 2. Under your Shopify store admin, go to Apps > Recharge > Integrations > Enabled Integrations. Search for Littledata, click the cog icon, then click the trash icon on the right-hand side:

Step 3. Then open the Google Analytics Integration and make sure your UA ID is present in the Google Analytics ID field:

Step 4.  Go to your Google Analytics account and delete the Littledata: Exclude duplicate orders filter from your Google Analytics views:

The Littledata Recharge connection is now disabled!