How to create a Klaviyo Private API Key

Updated on 2024-02-02

Littledata's integration with Klaviyo requires a private API key in order to send server-side data.

If you choose the automatic installation route in the Klaviyo connection flow, you don't need to follow this guide because we will automatically create one for you.

If you choose the manual installation route, you will need to manually introduce the Klaviyo private API Key in the connection flow.

Here is how you can manually generate the Klaviyo private API key for the Littledata connection:

  1. Go to your Klaviyo Account settings.

  1. Under Account, select, API keys.

  1. In the Private API Keys section, click Create Private API Key.

  1. Name your API Key Littledata and select the Grant applications full access to every API scope access level.

  1. Click Create and copy the API Key.

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