Creating a Klaviyo custom report

Updated on 2024-03-22

To create a custom report in Klaviyo, you first need to have flows set-up. You can check our guide on how to do them here.

After you have established the flows, you can proceed to create a custom report in Klaviyo. This report will help you assess the performance and revenue contributions from each of your flows. Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Accessing Custom Reports:
    a. In your Klaviyo admin panel, navigate to the 'Custom Reports' section.

  2. Initiating a New report:
    a. Start building a new report by selecting the option to create a custom report.

  3. Configuring report settings:
    a. Choose "Flows Performance Report" as your Report Type.
    b. Name the report as "Revenue by Flow" for easy identification.

  4. Setting the Conversion Metric:
    a. Define your conversion metric by selecting "Placed Order", the add "Value" and choose "SUM" as the aggregation method.

  5. Grouping data:
    a. Set the report to group data by "Flow" to analyse each flow individually.

  6. Specifying the timeframe:
    a. Adjust the time frame to focus on the last 30 days, selecting "Entire Range" to capture all relevant data within this period.