FAQ: Facebook Ad Costs to GA

Updated on 2021-12-29

Can it handle multiple Facebook Ad accounts

Yes, you can select any number of Facebook Ad accounts to import to one Google Analytics property.

You can also import the same Facebook Ad accounts to more than one Google Analytics property (although this would be covered under the other stores' pricing plan).

Why do I see costs for 'untagged campaign'?

Matching the costs of each ad set in Facebook to a session in GA relies on matching to a source, medium, campaign and content. If the UTM parameters are not set in your ad links then we have no way of linking the cost to the session - and we will add defaults as:

  • utm_medium = cpc
  • utm_source = facebook
  • utm_content = untagged ad
  • utm_campaign = untagged campaign

It may also be because you are using dynamic campaign parameters, and have got a typo in the variables requested.

You can fix this by adding URL parameters for all your ads.

What time range does the cost import cover?

When you first add the connection we will pull data for the previous 90 days. From the day after you install we will import the costs daily for all active Facebook and Instagram ads with external clicks over the last 24 hours.

Why did my daily import stop working?

The most likely cause is that we lost permission to read your Facebook Ads. This permission must be renewed every 90 days. Login to Littledata and check if you have a prompt to grant us access.

Do you handle dynamic campaign parameters in my UTM tags?

Yes, we can translate some of the dynamic fields into their real values to see in GA.

Facebook allows you to add dynamic campaign parameters to automatically change the UTM parameters based on the ad, ad set or campaign names. We convert these into the current value at the time of the import, except for the following fields which are not available in Facebook's reporting API:

  • {{placement}}
  • {{site_source_name}}

How can I stop the cost import?

You can disconnect the Facebook Ads connection from within our app.