Shopify to Klaviyo installation guide

Updated on 2024-04-15

In this quick setup guide we will show you how to install the Shopify to Klaviyo connection.

Quick install guide

Step 1. Install Littledata's Shopify app

Install Littledata's Shopify app.

install Littledata's Shopify app

Step 2. Choose the Klaviyo plan

Choose your plan and connections

Step 3. Start the Shopify to Klaviyo connection

In your Littledata dashboard go to Connections, where you will find the Shopify to Klaviyo connection. Click the Connect button to begin the installation.

start the Klaviyo connection

Step 4. Customize your tracking

Select the events that you would like to track from:

  • Viewed Product
  • Added to Cart
  • Removed from Cart

select Klaviyo events

Step 5. How to login with Klaviyo

Choose how to connect Littledata to your Klaviyo account. We recommend Automatic setup with a Klaviyo login, but also you can choose to manually add your Klaviyo private API key - see below.

How to login with Klaviyo

Step 6. Littledata adds the tracking script and webhooks

After connecting to Klaviyo, Littledata will add a data layer, tracking script and a set of webhooks to your Shopify store.

Klaviyo tracking script

Step 7. Installation complete**

Installation is complete! You will now start receiving data from Shopify into Klaviyo.

Klaviyo connected

Using a Klaviyo API key

If you choose the manual setup route, you'll have to add a Klaviyo private API key yourself.

Read our guide on how to create an API Key in Klaviyo account settings.

If you already have a private key created, just paste it it the input box.

add Klaviyo API key