Overview: Shopify to Klaviyo connection

Updated on 2024-04-09

Littledata’s Klayivo connection powers better performing email and SMS flows for Shopify stores. The integration works automatically for any site on Shopify or Shopify Plus, and is the first privacy-compliant solution for building bigger audiences around browsing behavior and checkout steps.

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The Klaviyo destination for Shopify uses a combination of client-side and server-side tracking to better identify web visitors. Get higher performing abandoned cart flows in Klaviyo with Littledata's enhanced identity resolution, which links anonymous sessions with users who opted in to emails. DTC brands typically see a 40%+ uplift to their Klaviyo flows when using Littledata.

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Klaviyo integration benefits

  • Larger audiences with server-side Added to Cart event
  • Reuse the same email templates with our backwards-compatible event schema for Klaviyo template flows
  • Target the whole cart contents rather than just the last item added to cart
  • Split the flows based on cart value, number of items or product categories
  • Able to exclude free gifts or certain SKUs from retargeting
  • Reduce unsubscribe rate by increasing email personalization and relevance
  • Enhanced customer identification, especially on iOS / Safari
  • GDPR / CCPA compliant

Feature comparison

FeatureLittledata integrationKlaviyo <> Shopify integrationOther solutions
GDPR/CCPA Compliant✖️
Uses fully opted-in email lists✖️
Server-side Identity Resolution✖️✖️
Server-side Add to Cart event✖️✖️
Server-side Viewed Product event✖️✖️
More identified Checkout Started events✖️

Improving abandoned cart flows in Klaviyo

Littledata triggers a Added to Cart or a Checkout Started event, directly from updates on Shopify's servers, every time we can identify a user on your email list who is adding to cart.

Littledata's Added to Cart and Checkout Started events are backwards compatible with either Klaviyo's Added to Cart or Checkout Started events. This means you don't need to remap any properties in your email templates.


If you are using custom triggers then consult Littledata's tracking schema to find and match the equivalent properties needed.

For example, you can send an email template with all the products in the user's cart at the time of the event.

We recommend you use this trigger in a duplicate flow, side-by-side with your existing abandoned cart flows, so you can see how much extra revenue this duplicate flow is generating. See how to set up those flows in Klaviyo.

Improving browse abandonment flows in Klaviyo

Littledata's Klaviyo connection is the first privacy-compliant way to identity shoppers who are browsing your Shopify site but didn't add something to the shopping cart yet.

To do this, Littledata automatically tracks Viewed Product events server-side, enriched with customer and product data, and sends them back to Klaviyo for you. These events can then be used to improve "abandoned browse" campaigns -- those email and SMS flows sent to shopper who expressed interest in a product on your site but didn't start the checkout flow.

As with Added to Cart events, we recommend you duplicate any flows you have running for abandoned browse and use Littledata's trigger in parallel. See how the Klaviyo integration works.

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