How to track the checkout funnel in Google Analytics

Updated on 2023-09-21

How to track your checkout funnel

One of the biggest features of Enhanced Ecommerce is support for checkout steps. In Google Analytics, a funnel is a navigation path which you expect your website users to follow after they initiate the checkout up to the purchase.

Littledata sends checkout steps to Google Analytics automatically, to ensure you can report on checkout conversions out of the box. This includes support for the new checkout launched in 2023.

How the report looks in Google Analytics

After you install Littledata, you will start seeing data populating in your Checkout Journey report with the checkout steps like this:

Screengrab of the Checkout Journey UI in Google Analytics.

How to customiza your checkout funnel in GA4

The Checkout Journey report is not editable, but you can easily rebuild it using the checkout events sent by Littledata in a Funnel Exploration report.

Here's how to build a checkout funnel in Google Analytics 4.

  1. Go to the Explore tab and start a new exploration. In the top left corner, under TECHNIQUE, select Funnel exploration and set a name for your report. You'll name this report Checkout funnel:

  1. Next, you will need to add the steps to your funnel. Go to the STEPS section and click the pencil icon to edit your funnel steps:

  1. Next, you will add the steps starting with Contact Information. Name your step, then search for the begin_checkout event:

  1. Click on Add step and repeat the process with the add_shipping_info event:

  1. Repeat the same process and select the add_payment_info event for the Payment step:

  1. Lastly, add your purchase step; search for purchase and select the event:

  1. You now have a complete checkout funnel that showcases data collected during the checkout and the drop from each checkout step: