How to add Google Ads conversion tracking tags

Updated on 2023-09-22

Littledata recommends linking Google Analytics conversions as an easier way to see accurate data in Google Ads.

This guide is to add a Google Ads account ID to Littledata's tracking script on your storefront.

This removes the need to set up Google Ads tracking via Google Tag Manager, but will only work for Littledata's client-side events (not Add to Cart or Checkouts).

Step 1. Go to Settings > Data Pipeline Settings

Step 2. Enter one or more Google Ads Conversion IDs (and optionally labels) and click SAVE.

How to add Google Ads conversion setting

You can add either just the conversion ID (e.g. AW-111111) or a conversion ID and label, separated by a slash (e.g. AW-11111/z13cLuSc199).

The next time a customer goes through the checkout this conversion will be tracked in Google Ads.