How to install: Shopify to Facebook Conversions API

Updated on 2022-06-28

In this quick setup guide we will show you how to install the Shopify to Facebook Conversions API (CAPI) connection.


At this time, our Facebook CAPI connection does not work well in conjunction with server-side GTM. We advise to either use one or the other to have optimal tracking.

Adding the Facebook Conversions API

Step 1 In your Littledata Dashboard go to Connections. There you will find the Shopify to Facebook CAPI connection. Click Connect

Step 2 Fill in your Pixel ID and Access Token

Generating a Pixel ID and Access Token

In your Facebook Business Manager, go to Events Manager > Data sources

Select the pixel and under the Settings tab you will find the Pixel ID

In the same Settings tab, down the page, you will find the Conversion API section. Below Get Started you will find the button which will generate the Access Token

All done!