Tracking Klaviyo SMS clicks

Updated on 2024-02-02

Littledata integrates with Klaviyo SMS campaigns and automations to help merchants see what happens before and after SMS interactions, including interactions with other channels, orders, refunds and customer behavior.

Follow this setup guide to ensure that your SMS campaigns are tracked correctly by Littledata in Google Analytics.


Using Klaviyo for email too? Make sure to follow our Klaviyo email tracking guide

Setting up campaign tagging in Klaviyo

First let's look at how to set up your campaign tagging in Klaviyo so that Littledata can capture consistent data about Klaviyo campaigns.

When creating a new SMS campaign in Klaviyo there is a section for Tracking. You’ll need to switch on Include tracking parameters and Customize tracking parameters.

Tracking SMS links in Klaviyo

Confusingly, Klaviyo’s current default is to tag SMS campaigns with UTM medium as ‘email’. We recommend changing that to ‘sms’, which will show up in the SMS channel grouping in GA4.

Similar to our email tracking guide for Klaviyo campaigns, we recommend the following values for SMS tracking:

UTM ParameterCampaign Value
CampaignCampaign name
IdCampaign id
CustomerExternal id

UTM tagging SMS links how it works

When you finish setting up a Klaviyo SMS campaign you will see confirmation that you have enabled UTM parameters for tracking.

SMS link tagging in Klaviyo

And then when you test the email campaign, you’ll see the message links show up with shortened links on the domain - which then redirects to the full link including UTM parameters.

SMS preview editor in Klaviyo

Tracking SMS clicks in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

You can use the Real-time overview to check the landing page is showing up in GA4.

Realtime SMS traffic in Google Analytics

But to see that Google is correctly attributing traffic to the SMS channel you’ll need to wait an hour and check the Traffic Acquisition report (under Acquisition menu).

Tracking SMS links in Google Analytics

Finally, you can link these SMS clicks to the ecommerce behavior tracked by Littledata. You can do that by creating a comparison of how users who first visited from the SMS link buy:

Building an SMS comparison

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