How to uninstall the Littledata Analytics app

Updated on 2023-09-05
  1. Go to Shopify Admin -> Apps -> Apps and sales channel settings.

  1. Search for Littledata Tracking GA4 -> Uninstall.

  1. Click on Uninstall. And please select the reason why you are uninstalling.

  1. After that, you will see this confirmation message that you successfully uninstalled the Littledata app.

Resume GA4 tracking

In order to resume GA4 tracking, you will need to enable the Google & YouTube Sales Channel.

  1. Search for Google in the Sales Channels search bar.

  1. Click on Install.

  1. Click on Add sales channel.

  1. Connect your Google account.

  1. After connecting your Google account, you will see this notification; click on Get Started.

  1. Now you will need to select your Google Analytics 4 property and then click on Connect.

  1. You will then receive this notification as a confirmation that you’ve successfully set up Google Analytics 4.

Once you finish with that final step, you have completed the uninstall process!

We would appreciate it if you can share your feedback by completing this uninstall survey.