Opting in to Beta testing

Updated on 2021-12-29

You may be asked if your store wants to join our private Beta Testing group at Littledata.

We've created this group to make sure we can push the latest changes for our tracking to a select group, before we roll out changes to all our customers. By opting-in you are should understand you will get all the latest Littledata features faster, but there is a small risk some of your data could be missing or unattributable for up to a week at a time.

To reassure you, we do test everything thoroughly before pushing to our Beta customers. This includes code reviews, automated testing and manual quality assurance testing. Yet there is always a small risk when pushing the boundaries of software development that stuff breaks.

We proactively monitor the data destinations for a sample of our Beta customers, and if there's a risk the data was inaccurate in any way we will let you know immediately.

You can opt in and out of the Beta Testing group at any time by contacting help@littledata.io.