Connecting Segment to Klaviyo

Updated on 2024-02-02

Littledata's Shopify source for Segment automatically tracks a rich event data set for use with a range of Segment destinations, including Klaviyo.

Using Klaviyo's destination with Littledata

Littledata's Segment connection gets all of the post-click events into Segment, and by connecting the Klaviyo destination these events can be relayed to Klaviyo for better segmentation and audience building.

Any Segment event associated with an email address can be relayed onto Klaviyo. e.g.:

  • Product Views and Adds to Cart (when the user is logged into the storefront)
  • Checkout steps
  • Purchases (with 100% accuracy)
  • Order cancellations
  • Fulfilment

This provides a richer set of events, without needing a developer, than Klaviyo's own Shopify event tracking.

For example, you can retarget users in Segment who have purchased a certain value or got certain products to a stage of the checkout - all without writing a line of code.

Using Klaviyo's source for Segment

Adding Klaviyo's source for Segment then allows email opens and clicks to be gathered and analysed in any other reporting tool.

For example, in your data warehouse you could correlate email clicks with website events from Littledata's source, and see when users are not waiting for the page to load from an email campaign.

How Littledata tracks customer emails

Email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo, require an email property with any server-side event in order to associate events with a customer (they cannot use an anonymousId). Littledata adds that email property whenever an email address is set in the user traits() object (in device-mode) or from the Shopify customer record (in cloud-mode).

Klaviyo can only accept events linked to a user email, so other anonymous events need to be filtered out or ignored to avoid delivery errors.