Send data from Segment to Google Analytics

Updated on 2021-12-24

Littledata's Segment app for Shopify stores makes it easy to track events on your site and send this data to Segment. But how do you connect that data to Google Analytics as a Segment destination?


Currently there is a limitation in adding a device-mode Google Analytics destination from Littledata's Shopify source. We are working with Segment to resolve this

In order to make Google Analytics receive device-mode and cloud-mode data you have two choices:

(a)  Use Littledata's Shopify > GA connection to send events directly to GA

(b) Set up Littledata using a normal AnalyticsJS source and then enable device-mode connection for the GA destination (see step 7 below). Warning: if you previously had the Shopify by Littledata source connected to a data warehouse, this will create a new set of tables for the new source in your data warehouse.

In case (b) you then need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your workspace within Segment

  1. Then hit Add Destination:

  1. Select Google Analytics:

  1. Then hit Configure Google Analytics:

  1. Select and Confirm the Shopify by Littledata source (or the AnalyticsJS source in option (b) )

  1. Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID (UA) under both the Website Tracking ID and Serverside Tracking ID:


If you use Shopify's native Google Analytics tracking in parallel with Segment, make sure the UA ID set in your Segment Google Analytics Destination is not the same as the one you have in your Shopify Store Preferences. Having the same property UA ID in both Shopify and Segment will have as a result double-tracking.

  1. (Optional) If you see a 'Connection Mode' setting, this should be switched to Device Mode.
  2. Enable the Google Analytics destination by toggling the switch next to the destination name:

You should now start seeing data being sent from Segment to your Google Analytics, but we recommend changing a few more Other Settings to better data capture: enabling Enhanced Ecommerce, enabling Send User-ID to GA and Send Segment "Product List" Events to GA as "Event" Hits