Tagging your campaigns for Google Analytics

Updated on 2021-12-24

This is a guide to help with the number of Direct traffic in Google Analytics. This is the traffic of which Google does not know the source.


If you don’t tell Google the specifics of your campaigns, then they will be rolled into existing buckets without the ability to identify them. This most commonly happens with emails and social posts that by default get classified as referrals.

There is a set format for doing this in Google Analytics and it is called UTM tagging. What you will do is add a campaign sourcecampaign medium, and campaign name to the end of your URL.

Google makes it really easy to do this with their free tool Campaign URL Builder. You do have to be very careful of spelling, as you should stick to one format. We recommend you use email, instead of Email or e-mail, as that will appear as different line items in reports.

Now you can see that campaigns under the Acquisition report > Campaigns > All.