Live Order Feed

Updated on 2023-09-21

We know how important it is to be up to date with what's happening in your Shopify store.

We created Live Order Feed with easy access in mind; you'll be able to get a quick glimpse at your orders anytime, with details about the products that were purchased and which destinations are receiving data.

What is the “Live order feed”?

The Live Order Feed allows you to observe the last 50 orders from your Shopify store.

  • You can instantly validate that Littledata is connected successfully.
  • You can send a test order to your connected destinations and see it appear in the feed.

Relaying orders to the data destination

The feed shows orders that are processed by Littledata and which destinations they were sent to (ticked).

If the order appears in the feed but NOT in the ticked destination, then please contact our support team at to investigate further.


Some destinations such as GA4 can take up to 48hrs to populate the reports. You can verify if an order reached your destination by going to the Real Time reports (if available).

Greyed-out destinations show the available destinations that are not used for a particular order. You can see the full range of the connections Littledata supports here.

What can you see in the live order feed?

Littledata gives you a summary of the order, including:

  1. Total order value
  2. Tax
  3. Shipping
  4. Affiliation
  5. Order identifier
  6. Exact timestamp
  7. The destinations where it was sent
  8. Products (name/price/quantity/category)

How does it work?

Whenever Littledata processes an order from your Shopify store, it is shown in the Live Order Feed. Orders can take up to 1 minute to show, as Littledata waits for orders to be tagged correctly before processing.

How can I access the Live Order Feed?

In the Weekly Orders Processed widget, you will find LIVE ORDER FEED.

How to send a test order

Clicking SEND A TEST ORDER will open a modal from where you can send the test order.

After you’ve sent the test order, you will see it in your connected destinations and the Live Order Feed.


The test orders have $0 value, and contain a fictional product so that the overall revenue reporting is not affected. The test order number is randomly generated (LD-TEST-ORDER-XXXX) and the product name will always be LD-test-product. Order affiliation will be set to littledata-test so that you can exclude it from your reports.

What happens if I don’t have any orders? 

There will be nothing to display. To validate that Littledata is connected correctly, send a test order.